Ancestral Symbolism of Tattoos

As mentioned in the previous part (The Meaning of Tattoos I), history and its different cultures have given us an immense number of symbols whose significance has managed to prevail over time.

Although the function of each of these symbols in history varies, it is safe to say that they sought to express something that goes beyond words. It is, then, the art of communicating through association.

In reality, the power of these tattooed messages is strong for those who see the symbols as a form of communicating emotions, thoughts, and memories.

For this reason, many look to those symbols when deciding to get a tattoo. The large variety of drawings, history, and meanings becomes a perfect medium for communicating through body art.

In this article, we will mention some of these symbols and the significance that they represent in those who decide to make them an eternal brand:

Meaning of Triskel or Trisquel

Tattoo -little- triskel - ankle
tattoo- triskel - forearm
Tattoo -little- triskel - hand
tattoo- small - triskel - wrist

This tattoo is one of the most commonly used symbols. Of Celtic origin, its meaning varies according to the core beliefs one gives it. Due to its simple pattern of three spiral arms that meet at a central point, it may represent holy trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit if it is given a religious focus. It also represent equilibrium between mind, body, and soul in other cultures.

Meaning of Skulls

tattoo- skull - chest - man
tattoo- skull - leg - woman
Pirate Skull Tattoo Small in the Wrist Women
Skull Tattoo Arm / Shoulder Men

When talking about classic tattoos, the designs of skulls without a doubt are at the top. Upon seeing the tattoo of a skull, the first thought that comes to mind is an association with danger and death.

Many choose this design to give a feeling of toughness, but the reality is that the skull is considered in many cultures a reminder of our own mortality, a concept represented by the Latin phrase “mememto mori“, a “reminder of mortality

Ironically, the skulls remind us that life really has an end, and for this reason we should take advantage of every minute of life.

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever found to help me make the big choice in life”.
Steve Jobs.

Meaning of the Key of Life or the Symbol of the Egyptian Ankh

Tattoos Ankh Key of Life Neck , Arm, Back

The Egyptian symbol of eternal life.

One of the richest cultures in symbols is undoubtedly the Egyptian culture. The hieroglyphs and ancient writings uncovered so far have exciting stories of gods and pharaohs. An example of this is the Ankh, a symbol found repeatedly throughout centuries of Egyptian art.

This hieroglyph represented for the Egyptians the idea of eternal life, resurrection, and union among people.

Meaning of Yin and Yang

Tattoo Yin & Yang Color Chest/Shoulder
Yin & Yang Tattoo Arm Sun and Moon
Tattoo Yin & Yang Cats Arm
Yin & Yang Tattoo Leg Fish

This classic symbol is also known as “Tajitu”. Although it actually can be found in a variety of designs (represented in multiple forms depending on the taste of the person interested and the intention that the person has), it is normally formed with a black park (the Yin) and its counterpart in white (the Yang).

This symbols reflects the duality of all aspects of life. Its significance can be reflected in almost all aspects of life. Light and darkness; life and death; good and bad. . No quality in the universe can exist with an opposite.

In later chapters we will continue explaining more meanings of tattoos.
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