As we have said on occasion, some time ago the society we know had a rather distorted view of what it meant to mark your skin and have a tattoo.

Cliches and taboos about what this represented were quite varied, but all came to the same conclusion: Tattooing was not allowed.

Although this custom has been part of our culture since prehistoric times, at some point tattoos began to be associated with prisoners and criminals. For this reason, those who decided to get tattooed had to deal with a lot of looks that judged and stereotyped them.

While we cannot deny that both men and women were marked negatively by this distorted conception, as it always in this society, the issue was much greater when it was a woman with tattoos.

Woman have been considered a symbol of delicacy and purity since time immemorial and it have been discriminated against for centuries without further justification; some think that getting tattoos could harm your body and it was simply unacceptable because of the bad reputation tattoos had.

Because of this, the amount of people who decided to get a tattoo was quite small and this small number was made up of mostly men.

Things changed a couple of decades ago when more and more people became interested in tattoos. Magazines, television, and other media outlets began to show famous individuals, celebrities, and artists proudly wearing their tattoos.

This gave many people the courage to make their own designs and, as a result, tattoos began to be socially accepted y cada vez más mujeres se atreven a realizarse diseños que son un estandarte de su belleza y personalidad.

and more and more women dared to create designs that are a symbol of their beauty and personality.

At present, the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding tattoos have been disappearing gradually and having a tattoo is a form of expression for people of all walks of life.


Thanks to the large number of designs and styles, it is safe to say that no woman should worry about not finding the tattoo that will make her feel good and that, far from them losing their delicacy and femininity, the tattoo enhances or defends other virtues and conditions such a their freedom, their strength, or energy.

With delicate lines and custom designs, each woman can choose a tattoo according to her own style and personality.

Although many women opt for small tattoos, any design is valid for both men and women. If you’re looking for inspiration, here is a small gallery with designs that women commonly choose although, as noted…

The perfect tattoo for a woman is the one that she herself is proud to carry on her skin.

Flower tattoos for women


When it comes to beauty and delicacy, flowers will always be the perfect choice.

In many cases these types of tattoos are a reminder of a loved one or as an accent for a significant date or quote.

The type of flower you choose also contains meaning. For example, in Asia, the lotus flower has a huge spiritual meaning and, in the West, la rosa the rose is a symbol of pure love and is popular with both men and women.


Pastel tattoos for women

A pastel design with high and low contrast is always delicate, no matter where it is placed on the body.



Tattoos of phrases or words for women

Tattoos of phrases or words are an excellent choice to express yourself. It is important to test different text fonts and choose the appropriate area of the body that best reflects the message you want to express.

Make sure you really think about what phrase you want to tattoo on body because, as it is always good to remember, it will accompany you throughout life and a phrase that may make sense to 20 years may become “uncomfortable” at 50.



Minimalist tattoos for women

If you are looking for an elegant and smaller style, you should consider minimalist tattoos. When placed in the right area, these designs can help stylize your body as an eternal adornment, as well as being easier to cover when necessary.

Just because they are minimalist does not mean that these tattoos do not have meaning.

Even the smallest design can hold much more meaning than larger tattoo.

A simple tear can represent much more than a more complex design.





Thanks to its delicate lines and soft colors, tattoos in watercolor provide an artistic and stylized feel to any design.




We continue will to expand this article with more types of tattoos for women. If you have any questions about tattoos, check out the article: All You Need to Know About Tattoos.