Whether by their subtle way to decorate certain areas of the body, ease with which they can be covered if need be or how it reflects a significant message in a simple and elegant form, the reasons why a person chooses a small tattoo are very diverse.

Although large and complex tattoos often have great impact on sight, sometimes simple can be the best option.


And while many are not aware of it, the world of small tattoos is more extensive and complex than the naked eye can see. From simple designs to minimalist lines to works of art the size of a coin.

There are artists who specialize in this type of tattoo, and they manage to create beautiful works of art in very tight spaces.

Small tattoos are usually quite meaningful and, in many cases, have a much deeper emotional and significant value than some of the larger works in part because you can hide them from prying eyes and only allow people who really close to see them. This results in them becoming more intimate and personal.

If you’re considering a new tattoo, in this small gallery we will show you some examples that could serve as inspiration for choosing the style that you identify with and give you ideas for small tattoos and their meanings.

Geometric Small Tattoo

Figures and forms are the greatest resource for any visual artist, and the meanings of each of these vary across culture and time.

Some tattoo artists are specialists in creating masterpieces based solely on geometric shapes, and so simplicity can prove to be an excellent choice to create a unique design.

Depending on their placement, tattoos of arrows represent protection, determination, and finding the right path in life.



Small Tree Tattoo

Trees are durable and firm; when it comes to a tattoo, they are a symbol of strength and stability. In many cultures a tree’s roots are associated with family and its role in the growth of each individual; on the other hand leaves represent fall and rebirth of everything.




Small Anchor Tattoo

Although the anchor is commonly associated with life in the sea, its significance goes beyond that.

The anchor is a strong symbol of stability and fidelity. This tattoo is an eternal reminder of your position and steadfastness with your goals or your personal relationships.




We all have a phrase or quote that is always in our thoughts and somehow defines us as a person. It may be the lyrics of a song, a quote from our favorite book, a line from a movie, or even a prayer. If that phrase is already tattooed in your memory, why not put it on your body?

This option is presented as a very versatile opportunity that lends itself to all tastes.



Figurative Tattoo Small

Sometimes these small tattoos represent concepts through images that are well-known to all. This type of tattoos looks great in any style.




We continue will to expand this article with more types of small tattoos for women. If you have any questions about tattoos, check out the article: All You Need to Know About Tattoos.