Hand tattoos

Hands tattoos recently have been more accepted than years before. There are small and simple designs and others that can cover the whole hand. If you decide to have some tattoos in your hand, so you will have to be ready to not answer any questions about your tattoos or at least prepare an automatic response for every question about your hands. This area could also affect job environment and job opportunities, but hardcore people don’t care a shit about what any one can say about tattoos. Henna tattoos are really usual in this area.

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Fingers tattoo

This type of tattoos has reached a recent fame and is usually used for minimalist design, including very small ones that only include the silhouette, or minimum color details. The most common tattoos are Diamonds, cross, hearts, sun, moons, triangles, crowns, musical notes, rings, words, feathers; the possibilities are infinites. These are a good option for those who want to makes his first tattoo. These tattoos are really small and most of time requires just a little bit time under needles. It must be taken into consideration that finger is an area to have really significant tattoos, your hands represents you every time you shake other person’s hand.

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Tattoos on legs

Legs are a good place for tattooing because sufficient space could be provided. You must take into account that the tattoos in this area can be painful and annoying, in the first place because the gravity harder the pain in this area, then because of this, your legs could hurt and become red by swelling. After you finish your session you would feel the flow of blood to your legs. However, when you get the expected results any discomfort is worth it. The previous recommendation is to drink a lot of water to improve circulation and keep your legs elevated while you do this.

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Feet tattoos

Feet are often considered to be among the most painful area because there are no muscles to support the pain made by a needle. Similarly, the ink may cause slight bleeding, because the feet are a part of the body that is in constant use. This is an important aspect to consider. Sun may make tattoos clearer but the good part is that you can hide them from public just using a pair of shoes.

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Ribs tattoos

Tattoos in ribs are good because is not as easy to see as other areas. This is the perfect area if you want to have a big tattoo and you could have some troubles if your boss finds out that you have made one tattoo in your body. In the other hand, this area could be painful because are located in this area where skin is really thin and your ribs will receive the major pain right on the bones. It is recommended to get a tattoo in ribs before you have tasted how painful a needle could be.

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