Names tattoos

Names tattoos are located at the top of most used ones, of course, this name should identify one person which is very special and you would always like to remember. It is possible tattooing the name of our parents, grandparents, siblings, children or any member of the family; the name of our partner, our mascot, a famous person or character that we admire.

You should also remember the simplicity that can have the tattoo of a name. This means that you can incorporate creative elements while you decide a design.

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Letter tattoos

Not always a tattoo should be explicit at all. Sometimes a tattoo could be a private reminder of some important thing; in this case, letters are good option. It is very common in this kind of tattoos to do initial letters of some family member or someone who really means something important for you.

Other use of letters in tattoos is to determine simple meaning as Alpha in our alphabet; each letter could mean anything depending on the tattooed person.

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Phrases in tattoos

This is one of the most common types of tattoos, tattooing a phrase that can inspire, entertain, bring memories, calm and so many feelings more is really normal nowadays but its unique character will be given by the value and meaning that gives each person to their tattoos.

Some people have tattoos of phrases from films; speeches of politicians, civil leaders, religious leaders, intellectuals; phrases of books, television programs, among others.

The possibilities in this particular kind of tattoos are infinite. This is applied for phrases in a different language from yours, tend to be very showy and attractive those written in languages that use different characters instead of alphabet.

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Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are made from a natural ingredient made of a plant with this name. The difference between this kind of tattoos and regular one are that these are not permanent, in fact, these last during 2 or 3 weeks depending on your skin and where the tattoo was made.

It is used as a cultural ingredient in special occasions but recently it has become really used by a huge number of people. This material is safe for all who want to use it; this is natural and doesn’t have any reaction.

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Music Tattoos

These kinds of tattoos are really pretty. The music is used as a muse by excellence and it is known that a lot of tattoo designs are made from musical notes, staff, lyrics, tribute to a band, group or artist and each element related to all kind of music.

Music Tattoos can vary from a sol clef in the hand or just a realism picture of your favorite artist in you back. An instrument is possible to be done also a pet as Eddie that was Iron Maiden’s pet.

tatuaje de musica-musical 1.jpg
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