Matching tattoos or tattoos for couples are a representation of union between two or more people.

Regardless of if you are partners, family or friends, the decision to get a couple tattoo always brings great feelings of doubt. While it may represent the eternal union between two people, these brands could also become a bad memory forever etched in your skin.

Human relationships are arbitrary and unpredictable and nobody is exempt from a dispute, break up, or fight with the people they love.

“Choose a tattoo that has a special meaning for the couple, but that also has a separate meaning just for you if things go badly.”

When deciding which tattoo to get, common tastes and experiences are an important key to capture an original idea that both people will love.

If you have made the decision to put the memory of a loved one on your skin, we offer you some innovative and quite ingenious ideas of tattoos that can be good for a couple or group.

Tattoos for couples are the perfect opportunity to use creativity to come up with a perfect design.”

Tattoos for couples: Unifying Words or Phrases

The union of a phrase, initials, or words significant in the relationship can be a rather creative option. There are millions of options of quotes from movies, songs, books, and even memories of deep conversations at midnight.


Tattoos for couples: Moon and Sun

In some cultures, the moon and the sun are known as the eternal sky lovers that are rarely able to see each other. These two symbols of guidance in the sky may represent a patient, lasting, strong bond.



Tattoos for Couples with a Special Date or Place

An excellent way to represent a relationship is through a date. This can be when you met, an anniversary, or a day that marked great importance for both people. It is also common to choose a place in the form of GPS coordinates.


Tattoos for couples: Mother and Daughter, Sister, Family and Friends


Contrary to popular belief, matching tattoos are not reserved only for loving couples.

Relatives or friend tattoos are a wonderful symbol of fraternal union that you can wear proudly on your skin forever.


Identical or Complementary Tattoos with Symbols for Couples or Groups

Couple tattoos are a great opportunity to express what someone means to you.

In many cases, these couple tattoos are for more than two people, with the result that the tattoo is shared by 3 or more individuals.

It is perfect for those who consistently support one another in the face of different adversities of life or share a feeling and want to show it.


Remember that the success of a tattoo lies in creativity. The best option is to seek a more personalized design that can suit the tastes and experiences of people with whom you want to share the tattoo.



It should be mentioned once again that before a couple gets a tattoo done – or any kind of tattoo – you need to think twice if we really it marked on your skin for the rest of your life.

Remember that surgery to remove tattoos is expensive and not always completely effective. The best way to not have to resort to these measures is to take the time to decide, be safe, and to do plenty of research for each new design we decide to have mark our skin.

We continue will to expand this article with more types of tattoos for couples. If you have any questions about tattoos, check out the article: All You Need to Know About Tattoos.