Since prehistoric times, men marked their bodies with images that represented strength, courage, and ferocity. Even with the passing of the years, this idea has not changed much.

These marks began to be regarded as a symbol of masculinity and often tattoos for men were seen on sailors, hippies, criminals, and even gang members and prisoners.

However, tattoos today are used to positively represent the attitude of the wearer; even getting the attention of a large group people. Most men seek masculine tattoos that symbolize determination, independence, and courage.

Choosing a Tattoo for Men

polynesian sleeve tattoo
Choosing a tattoo design for men (like women) is a fairly complicated decision that takes a lot of time and research. Inquiring about the best prices and tattoo artists is a big key, but the part that surely takes the most time is to deciding what is the best design option is.

The variety of options available is quite extensive, as tattoos designs for men have evolved quite a lot, creating many ideas and unique concepts. Here we offer some of the best male tattoo options.

Skull Tattoo Men

Skulls are quite a popular tattoo design. Usually, men choose this design because of its symbolic meaning of life after death, giving it a rather masculine quality.



Anchor Tattoos for Men

In the past, sailors popularized anchor designs in tattoos; today they remain an option that is often used by men.

Anchors not only symbolize the sea and sailing, they are also a strong nod to firmness and stability.

They are also highly compatible with the binding names or concepts.



Wing Tattoos for Men

Angel wing tattoos are another design suitable for men. Usually it is seen on the back or chest and symbolizes the purity and goodness associated with angels. Those who choose this design seek to demonstrate their faith or to have a constant reminder of their ability to overcome obstacles or fears.

The size can vary, but it is normal for this design to cover large areas of skin.

If the design depicts an angel, his attitude also has a specific meaning.



Dragon Tattoos for Men

As a tattoo, the dragon represents a powerful guardian and guide. Men choose this design to symbolize the courage and strength that is represented in this legendary creature.

Dragons are pretty famous in Asian culture, but if we are speaking specifically about tattoos, they became quite popular for Westerners. These tattoos are usually located on the back, arms, and chest.




Tribal Tattoos for Men


A favorite choice for men. These tattoos were used in tribes to represent its wearer as a member of the clan.

Currently, men of all classes and ages often go for this option. This tattoo design can usually cover the back, arms, shoulder or chest.



If you cannot decide, you should not rush. Remember that a tattoo will be part of your life forever and it will be seen as a reflection of your personality, although there are surgeries that can remove tattoos, these are costly and complicated.

The best option will always be to perform extensive research and clarify what the purpose of the masterpiece that want reflected in your skin will be.

We continue will to expand this article with more types of tattoos for men. If you have any questions about tattoos, check out the article: All You Need to Know About Tattoos.