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Vegans and Tattoos

If you are Reading this, I’m sure you already know about vegan tattoos. Even so, just in case, I will mention that vegans are people who abstain from eating meat or any animal products.

When I talk about not consuming animal products, I’m not just referring to food. Vegans abstain from using any products that are tested on animals or has animal origin, such as fur or leather clothing. You will never see them at a zoo.

In short, it is a lifestyle based on the rejection of the exploitation of animals for consumer use and products including, of course, tattoos.

It is very difficult lifestyle to maintain, especially in certain practices like tattoos, for example, because the black ink is made mainly from animal bones or glycerin and animal fat.

Often times when you get a tattoo, you are not aware of the components of the ink, but if you are vegan, you’ll need to investigate the ingredients and look into finding vegan tattoo artists.

Tatuaje Vegano

A vegan tattoo is not all that different from a normal tattoo, it is just made of elements that are not derived from animals. For most vegan inks, synthetic glycerin and other elements, such as ash, are used.

Preparing for the Tattoo

Tatuaje Vegano 2
Sometimes they will need to shave your skin for you at the tattoo parlor itself. This could be an issue for many vegans as many shaving creams contain glycerin and disposable razor blades have hydration strips that are often tested on animals.

So, if you’re planning on getting a tattoo, it may be better for you to shave at home before arriving at the tattoo shop.

They also wash the area after it has been shaved, which raises the same issue. It is better to bring you own soap so that you can ensure that the soap is compatible with your beliefs.

And the aforementioned are not the only places that animal products could be hiding… There is a “hidden” element that is often not take into account: the transfer paper used to mark you skin and serve as a guide for your tattoo design.

There are many brands that provide fully vegan transfer papers, though, such as Reprofix for example.

During the Tattoo

The Tattoo Ink

The ink used for tattoos is formed by a pigment which give it its color and is suspended in a carrier solution. The pigment is usually derived from plants or metals, although some pigments can come from animal bone or the shell of an insect.
Tatuaje Vegano 2

The carrier solution usually contains purified water, ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, and glycerin. If you are vegan, you should pay special attention to ensure that the glycerin is synthetic or from a plant and not from an animal source.

Some inks also use gelatins, which are extracted from the skin, bone, and connective tissues of various animals such as cows, pigs, chickens, and fish.

Fortunately, there are many inks on the market that meet vegan values and, moreover, are considered less “toxic” than traditional inks.

Many tattoo artists are vegetarians and utilize these vegan inks for their art.

Ointments and Creams for Tattooing

In addition to the ink itself, you have to take into account the other variables of getting tattooed. Many tattoo artists use Vaseline during the process so that the needle can slide more easily across your skin.

Tatuaje Vegano 2

Therefore, it is important to ask if these creams or Vaseline contain animal byproducts or if they’ve been tested on animals.

There are a large number of alternatives that can be used to lubricate the skin during the tattoo session, but it is clearly better to go to a tattoo artist that you feel comfortable with and that has used these vegan-friendly products before

Care and Maintenance After Getting Tattooed

Tatuaje Vegano 2

Once the tattoo is done, it is important for vegans to find aftercare products and creams that have not been tested on animals and do not contain animal byproducts.

As you may know if you are vegan, many ointments and lotions can include beeswax, lanolin, cod liver oil, etc.

There are plenty aftercare items that are vegan friendly an contain organic oils for hydration, and many ointments and Vaseline brands offer alternatives that are 100% vegetarian.

Are vegan tattoos of a lower quality than traditional tattoos?

No. The quality of a vegan tattoo will be the same as a traditional tattoo. In fact, there are many alternatives to traditional ink and vegan ink is just one of the options that provides fantastic results.

Most inks consist of vegetable dyes and minerals such as manganese, sulfur, zinc, or cadmium.

In any case, there are alternatives to traditional tattoos such as scarification, but if you are vegan and want to get a tattoo, ask the tattoo shop about vegan friendly products and options. Do not worry, because it is becoming a trend that is gaining in popularity.

So now you know, whether you are male or female and want a small tattoo or something with great significance… If you’re vegan, you know you can get a tattoo that is 100% vegan as long as you do your research…
Tatuaje Vegano 2

The number 269

The number 269 is the number of a calf that was born on a farm in Israel. After a short time of life, he was sacrificed. Many vegans are tattooing that number as a sign of solidarity with the huge number of animals sacrificed in the world.

On day 2 October 2012, the International Day of the farm in the central market in Tel Aviv, many activists animal rights carried out an act of solidarity and empathy for animal abuse of animals beings humans. To this end, they tattooed that number and even marked it on your skin with a hot iron.

So you know, you are male or female, and want a small tattoo or meaning tattoo… If you’re vegan, you know you can get a tattoo 100% vegan, looking out in these aspects tattoo …